NewCATs had humble beginnings in the year 2000 as a cooperative organization which provided information
to new homeowners about the cultural, fine arts and recreational opportunities in the area.  

NewCATS - NewComers About Town

In November 2012, we began hosting NewCATS meetings for new residents of the Prescott quad-city area.  
Meetings are held monthly, on the third Thursday of every month, each time at a different location.  Additional
meetings are scheduled periodically to coincide with special events.

About the Founder and Director:

When we first moved to the area, there was no Welcome Wagon or other welcome organizations.  It was
challenging to find out what was happening in the different towns and, for me, it was pretty lonely.  When you
move across country and leave family and friends behind, it can feel like you are a long way from home.  I
decided to combine my love of the arts and my desire to meet people into a volunteer project and so, in 2000,
founded Prescott Cultural Welcome Committee.  The cultural/fine arts organizations were eager to have
someone spread the news about them and new people in the community were eager to learn about their new
home.  I loved meeting new people and creating an organization from scratch was a lot of fun for me. I started
out visiting people in their new homes, delivering gift certificates to the cultural organizations.  As the years
passed, I met with hundreds of people in their homes, delivering our cultural directory and the gift certificates.  
Many of the people I met have become lasting friends.

In 2003, my own family changed dramatically when we added two children to our family by adoption.   We
brought Ben and Natasha home from Russia when they were ages 9 and 6, respectively.  They are awesome
young people and have really enriched our lives.  Needless to say, raising four kids was a bit time consuming,
especially during the six years when I was homeschooling.  Kids, however, grow up eventually and now I have
four wonderful young adults and two beautiful grandchildren.

In November 2012, I hosted our first monthly NewComers About Town (NewCATs) event at the Highlands
Center for Natural History, followed by lunch at the Lynx Lake Cafe.  This was very popular so I developed 12
monthly meetings, each at a different cultural organization.  It has been great fun meeting monthly with all the
new residents.  Each NewCATs event focuses on a specific cultural/fine arts organization and includes
activities designed for getting acquainted with other newcomers.

There is no membership fee for involvement with NewCATs meetings.  Some of the meetings involve an
admission fee for the organization or an honorarium for a speaker.  Our supplies and postage are donated by
local businesses.

We do send out periodic email notifications about upcoming events.  If you would like to be added to our email
list, please send an email to me at  We also have a Facebook page.  If you
are a member of Facebook, do a search for Prescott Welcome and you'll find us.

So, if you are new to the area, please join us at a NewCATs event.    If you’re just visiting the area, be warned.  
You might soon discover a longing to put down roots here!  To all of you, welcome to this network and keep
coming back!

Last, but not least, here's an old picture of me with my awesome hubby and wonderful kids, taken at Fain Park
in Prescott Valley, taken in the year 2010:
About Us
I’m Barbara Guther, the volunteer founder and director of NewCATs.   My
husband Keith and I moved to Dewey in 1999 with our two young boys, Troy
and Jordan.  We left behind the seemingly endless summer rain and cold
winters of Ohio and discovered the wonderful sunshine and high desert terrain
of central Arizona.  I LOVE it here!  We settled in Dewey and went to work in